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The Oak Park Conservatory’s lush atmosphere with winding paths and talking parrots is a favorite hidden Oak Park gem. Sara and Skipper are fan favorites with visitors of all ages. While visiting the Conservatory, you often hear the calls of these birds as they talk to each other or their favorite visitors. Sara is known to engage visitors in song and dance. Skipper is the youngest addition to the Conservatory.


When you choose to adopt a parrot, you will be sharing in their care throughout the year by providing the necessary enrichment products essential to their well-being. Your gift helps to meet the needs of these long-lived and loved companions at the Oak Park Conservatory. 

Meet the Parrots!

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Adoption Levels

Digital Adoption

  • Digital Adoption: $40

When you adopt digital, you receive:

  • Personalized digital adoption certificate

Premium Adoption

  • Annual Adoption: $60
  • 2-Year Adoption: $100
  • Bird’s Best Friend: $500
  • Lifetime Friend: $1,000

When you adopt premium, you receive:

  • Cuddly plush parrot
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Full-color photo of the parrot you adopted
  • Free Happy Bird Day card on your birthday